About Us

Down South Solar Power is a company based in Bunbury, in the South West of Western Australia, exclusively dealing with design and installation of Grid Connect Solar Power Systems. With the latest technology in solar products and complete customer service, Down South Solar Power is a name trusted to professionally deliver quality, reliable and affordable Grid Connect Solar Power Systems while adhering to strict high quality standards.

With our Grid Connect Solar Power Systems, Down South Solar Power helps you take definitive action on Climate Change and at the same time, helping you to reduce your power bills with ‘clean’ energy harnessed directly from the Sun.

At Down South Solar Power our philosophy is to provide the customer with what they want, avoiding any unnecessary technical jargon and allowing them to make the correct decision based on their individual circumstances.
Down South Solar Power designers and installers are accredited by the Australian Clean Energy Council, which means:

  • They have undergone the necessary professional training
  • They are fully qualified electricians
  • They adhere to all relevant Australian Standards
  • Their skills and product knowledge are constantly updated.

What we offer

Down South Solar Power provides a complete service to help you choose the most suitable solar system for your needs based on your property’s location and electricity usage. We also help you with all the paperwork so you can receive the maximum available government rebates. We help you with the lot, including a hassle free, quality installation.

Each Grid Connect Solar Power System, includes Solar PV Panels, a grid connected inverter, aluminium rooftop mounting system and wiring system, AC and DC circuit breakers for safety and signage all to comply with the latest Australian Standards. All Solar Panels come standard with a 10 year Manufacturers Warranty and a 25 Year Limited Output Warranty. Inverters all have a minimum 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty.