Solar Component Selection Guide

Solar Panels

Although Down South Solar Power can source most panels on the market, we believe these panels stand out as superior. Providing the best value for money while maintaining a high quality standard.

Here is a comparison:

Jinko Trina LG Solar
Manufacturers presence in Australia Yes Yes Yes
Country of manufacture China China South Korea
Product Warranty 10 yrs 10 yrs 25 yrs
Performance Warranty 25 yrs 25 yrs 25 yrs
Power Tolerance +3% +3% +3%
Temperature Coefficient 0.4% 0.43%/0C 0.43%/0C
Size 992 x 1650mm 992 x 1650mm 1000 x 16740mm
Weight 19kg 19.5kg 17.3kg

Down South Solar Power will only supply solar panels that have:

  • An Australian presence: Manufactured by a large reputable international company with a significant presence in Australia.
  • A warranty process and service support that is accessible in Australia.
  • Quality Assurance: Down South Solar Power is satisfied that there are stringent quality control processes and procedures in place throughout the manufacturing process.



A crucial component of your Home Solar Energy System is the inverter. Inverters convert the dc electricity produced by the solar panels into ac electricity that your home and the grid utilise. Down South Solar Power recommends opting for a high quality inverter that has Australian warranty support.

Below are some features to compare:

Zeversolar Enphase SMA Fronius
Country of manufacture China USA Germany Austria
Location of warranty support Australia Australia Australia Australia
Product warranty 5 yrs 10 yrs 5 yrs upgradable to 10 years 5+5 years
Efficiency (EU) 97.4% 95.4% 96.5% 97.5%
Communication RS485/RS232 wifi Blue Tooth & PC wifi
MPPT’s Dual (3kW+) Multiple Dual (3kW+) Dual (3kW+)


Solar Panel Mounting System

Down South Solar Power use the Clenergy Mounting system. The system is made from anodised aluminium and features a highly versatile design which has adjustability and expandability to suit any size job. The system is corrosion resistant which makes the system low maintenance with an extended life.

The system is backed by a 10 year warranty and complies with the Australian/New Zealand Standard on wind loads.


Download pdf version of Solar Component Selection Guide