Solar Water Pumping

Solar Pool Pump

imagesWe have now included in our range of products the very popular WATERBOY Solar pool pump.

WATERBOY Solar pool pumps are ultra-efficient, zero energy cost solar pool pumps to keep your pools sparkling clean all day long.

The average pool pump will cost approximately $800 per year to run. Switch now and save hundreds of dollars on annual energy costs while reducing your carbon footprint.

How Does It Work?

Pool PumpWATERBOY pool pumping system uses a high efficiency DC (Direct Current) brushless motor coupled to a centrifugal pump. The brushless DC motor solar pump is much more efficient than a conventional mains powered pool pump.

Low voltage DC electricity is provided by two 300 watt solar panels.

The motor is connected to solar panels through a controller that will extract maximum power from the solar panels. The controller controls the speed of the pump and optimises the amount of water pumped based on the available solar radiation.

Since the controller and the solar panel installation fall into the Extra Low Voltage electrical supply, a licensed electrician is not required.

Features & Benefits

  • Zero electricity cost.
  • No  approval  required  from  electricity  supplier  as  the  system  is  low  voltage  off-grid.
  • Quiet and efficient operation compared to conventional pool pumps.
  • The solar pump can be stand- alone (for new installations) or can be retrofitted with an existing mains powered pool pump.
  • Fast and simple installation, direct replacement for an existing pool pump.
  • The system is very efficient and proven to run even on cloudy days.

There are three models suitable for different pool sizes:




The SSP500 model will suit pools for up to 70,000 litres.
DIY kits available for $2,750.

Or we can install it for you. Ask us for an installation quote today.

Solar Water Pumps

Pump ArrayWATERBOY solar pump systems offer state of the art solar pump technology at a very competitive price. Highly reliable and durable, WATERBOY solar pumps and controllers are backed by a 2 year warranty, designed to withstand our harsh Australian water and incorporate the best features of all the solar pumps on the market and compress all this technology into a compact, robust & highly efficient pumping system.

The most common size is the 3HRSS. This submersible pump uses a helical rotor wet end coupled to a brushless DC motor. The pump and motor assembly is 316 stainless steel. The motor is electronically communicated to by a fully adjustable MPPT pump controller housed in a weather proof enclosure on the surface for easy installation, access and operation.

The WATERBOY 3HRSS pump systems consist of a submersible pump and motor combination that is 3” (76mm) in diameter, the helical rotor (HR) pump provides superior lift and efficiency even at low speeds and flow rates.

The WATERBOY 3HRSS pump system can be used either as a submersible pump in a bore or it can be used to pump from a dam, etc.

Features & Benefits

  • 3HRSS
  • 40 meters / 130 feet max lift
  • 30 litres  / 6.6 gallons per minute max flow
  • Voltage range 24-48 Volts, Max 100Voc
  • Power range 180 Watts to 500 Watts
  • Highly reliable helical rotor technology
  • 3 inch / 76mm diameter
  • 2 year warranty


  • Fully adjustable speed and remote switching timer
  • Low water, tank full and remote switching contacts
  • Clear cover allows visible inspection of connections and of indicator LED status lights
  • MPPT and current booster technology incorporated
  • Mounted above ground for longer life and easy access
  • Brushless DC motor technology avoids conventional DC brush maintenance
  • Modular concept with separate electronics
  • Entire pump and motor is stainless steel
  • CE certified
  • ISO 9001

3HRSS DIY kits available from $3,990.

Or we can install it for you. Ask us for an installation quote today.

We have larger pump sizes available upon request for up to 80m lift or 78 Litres per minute flow.